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"My music? It's Vangelis meets Mannheim Steamroller in a Tangerine Dream on Mars." - KevOz

Welcome to my music corner of the World Wide Web. Hmmm...can there actually be a "corner" of a web? Well, if not, there is now! If you're a longtime fan, you already know what type of music I make. And for those of you who are somewhat new to my music, you probably don't really know everything about it. Maybe you heard one song of mine on Spotify, or heard my music at Tokyo Disneyland® during the holiday season. If that's the case, that one song doesn't really paint a complete picture of The Music of KevOz.

I make instrumental music  ranging from ambient textures to post-rock...from new age to electronic...and most everything in between. Please explore the menu links...and, there's now music on every page for you to sample. Thanks for visiting!