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"Strap yourself in for a zero-gravity aural journey of the highest order." - Rod Lott, Cool and Strange Music! Magazine

I love "Relaxation and Action". This music really touches me. The violin sound that KevOz put into "Just You and Me" is very, very powerful – an amazing build-up. I can really feel myself lifting in the music. It’s really something else. It’s a shame KevOz’s melodies aren’t reflected in the charts. His music is melodic, powerful, and emotive. What he has created here is really beautiful. I’m listening to it again. It’s so good. That violin part is stunning.” - Natalie Potter, Artist

Bandcamp Fan Review

Inspired by Moby's instrumental tracks, Tangerine Dream, Art of Noise, and Herbie Hancock's "Rockit," KevOz pulls from a mix of old-school synth sounds to create the satisfying electronic album Digital. While individual sonic elements in tracks like 'Revolver' remain simple throughout, the producer weaves them together into engaging and pleasingly uncluttered grooves; similarly, 'Debonair' starts with a funky, Bernie Worrell-esque synth bass, and then evolves into tasty, multi-layered dissonance before transforming into a body-moving breakdown.” - Michael Gallant

— Keyboard Magazine

If you're looking for one long Halloween themed track to play and spook the crowds, this is it! One hour long piece of spooktastic music to scare the living hell out of trick or treaters! I was looking for something like this for a while! Also great for house parties and Halloween store music. Well worth it! Happy Halloween!” - Kristar77

iTunes Fan Review

It's been a while since synth-wizard KevOz has released an album, but Relaxation and Action is worth the wait...a homespun approach emphasizing tuneful melodies and catchy beats. It's joyful, exuberant, and unself-conscious!” - Bill Binkelman

Zone Music Reporter

The music is consistently upbeat and overflowing with the joy of discovery. Gorgeous, suggesting the majesty and awesome beauty of the surrounding landscape. Recommended!” - Kathy Parsons

The album has no subtext, no message, or no deep layer that needs to be unlocked, instead giving the listener breezy tunes with infectious beats and lots of "sunny day" attitude. The wonderful closing number Sunset may be the best thing KevOz has recorded up to this date. It’s a slowly building dynamic exuberant song with an undeniable joyfulness running through it, as a piano refrain is joined by one synth after another, as well as some nicely muted tom-toms. It’s an excellent closing cut.” - Bill Binkelman

Zone Music Reporter

The Museum of Natural History's Planetarium would definitely have a use for this one! Sit back, relax, listen with your headphones, and head out of this world.” - Christina Lord

— Creations Magazine

This hour long song is like the best "Hearts of Space" program you've never heard. KevOz takes you through a series of short, related pieces that range from gently upbeat to contemplative, without breaking the mood he sets early on. ” - Bill G. Review